VMworld 2019 General Keynote


Welcome to VMworld 2019 General Keynote, the show is entering its second day and will start with the keynote by Pat.

View from inside the Keynote room

The keynote has started and the them for the day is “Tech in the Age of Any”.
As Pat continues with his intro we salute the guys from Pivotal and CarbonBlack, two recently announced acquisitions.

We heard how Callum Eade, a VMware employee” recently swam the English Channel to raise money to fight child cancer, we all can make our mark.

Nonprofits are very important for the world but they have technology challenges due to limited financial support. There are companies like techsoup that are partnering with @VWmare on helping those organizations to provide world class technologies

For the last few years we have been presented with the VMware Vision slide, it has been the same and it is guiding the company in the right direction. The consistency with this message is very important.

VMware first introduced their hybrid cloud approach with AWS a couple years back, this year its partnerships has expanded to all major players offering similar things to VMware Cloud on AWS.

The first announcement of the keynote is VMware Tanzu. It is a set of tools to build, run and manage Kurbernetes application

Project Pacific to run/integrate applications natively on the vSphere platforms

VMware announced that with Project Pacific Kurbenetes will run faster than even bare metal

VMware claims Kuburnetes will run faster in ESXi that in bare metal.

VMware Tanzu Mision Control will provide enterprise management for all Kubernetes clusters

VMware CloudHealth, an acquisition from last year, is now available on hybrid so it can be used on on-premises data centers.

VMware Cloud Foundation continues to be the main approach from VMware to enable the hybrid cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS continues to grow and be a market leader technology

More than 4X the number of locations than 12 months ago are available now

NVIDIA, VMware and AWS are working together to enable vGPU and AI for all through the VMware SDDC solution offerings

The VMware and Microsoft partnership grows and matures, more

VMware Operations is also available as a cloud services to help manage hybrid environments.

VMware wants to play a role on the telco 5G world and the acquisition of Uhana will help with that. This is a technology to provide deep learning to optimize operations of 5G networks

Moving onto more networking, it is time to talk about NSX

Load balancing has been an area where VMware was a bit behind but with the acquisition of AVI Networks, they are closing that gap.

Network security and analytics is playing a major role on all companies, VMware announced that VRNI will be powering the intelligence behind NSX Intelligence.

Sanjay is now interviewing executives from GAP and Freddie Mac about their cloud strategy and migration path.

It is now the time for the Digital Workspace

For all your needs on device management, @WorkspaceONE continues to be the market leader.

Employee engagement is very important, investing on the right technology will generate a boost in employee experience and satisfaction.

There are more than 5000 security vendors and software available. It is confusing, it adds a lot of agents which reduces performance so security is intrinsic

The security should control in 5 strategic control points.

Carbon Black is complementing this story very nicely

And security wraps the general keynote. Thank you for reading.

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