VMware Explore 2023 EUC Keynote


We are inside the Hall A at the Venetian Convention Center in Las Vegas to cover VMware Explore 2023 EUC Keynote.

The session started with a video of customers sharing how they are leveraging the different VMware EUC solutions.

Shankar Iyer – SVP for EUC kicked us off and started with a description off the hybrid workforce and how Autonomous Workspaces delivered by VMware Anywhere Workspaces will help customers to deliver the best user experience

Marshall Busbee, Director of Marketing talked about DEX – Digital Employee Experience.

DEX now supports more data sources than before, also DEX now has playbooks to help the HelpDesk resolve issues fast and in automated way using AI powered tools .

No only DEX Playbooks will help troubleshooting issues, it will also propose solutions to remediate the issues

Security continues to be at the forefront of EUC and VMware takes it very seriously and prioritizes it.

The new partnership with Intel has now delivered in the Chip-to-Cloud security technology, you can read more on this blog post

Apps on Demand is a solution based on App Volumes that enables applications to run not only on Horizon but also Citrix, AVD and others

Shankar invited the Sr Leader of EUC for Boeing Kristina Russ to the stage. She told us about how they moved 150,000 devices from traditional PC lifecycle management to Windows 10 modern management in 6 days. Excellent job by the Boeing team.

After the conversation with Kristina, Shankar shared a recap innovation slide and closed the session

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