Nutanix .Next Opening Keynote 2023


Welcome to the Nutanix .Next 2023 Opening Keynote recap. It has been awhile since our last .Next but we are excited of being here. For the second day keynote, click here.

The keynote started with CMO Mandy Dhaliwal talking about what we are seeing on the conference floor and what you can see on the image about, Nutanix has updated their image and has a new tag line “Nutanix Multi-cloud simplified”

We now have Nutanix CEO, Rajiv on stage. This is the first .Next in-person since 2019. His part will take us over the vision of Nutanix for the future.

The number of applications are growing exponentially and data is expected to grow 4X by 2025. This create all sort of issues, from cost to management to relocation from on-prem to cloud and back.

Freedom of Choice is a firm offering from Nutanix, to let customer pick between hardware manufactures, from on-prem to any cloud provider, but doing this while maintaining what has been a key differentiator for Nutanix since the beginning, great support.

Over the years Nutanix has evolved from a VDI (initially) centric company to now run mission critical applications, high end databases, etc.

Rajiv briefly talked about GPU on Nutanix and AI type of applications but left us in suspense as he is saving the information for tomorrow’s keynote.

We now have Verizon on stage talking about how Nutanix helps the company. The gentlemen on the stage are part of their end user team and have Citrix running on Nutanix and supporting about 130k sessions

Cloud Migrations, Simplification of operations, managing cloud costs and skills to manage across environments are common today’s challenges and here where Nutanix wants to emphasize their tools and value added, hence the new catch phrase for .Next 2023 “Nutanix run everywhere”

The announcements are now coming. The first one is Nutanix Central, a solution to manage all your cloud resources on a single interface

The second announcement is Multicloud snapshots, enabling customers to take snapshots directly to public cloud storage; this also enables the customer to restore that snapshot on any cloud. You can read the official blog post here

From a forward looking point of view, Rajiv announced Project Beacon, a multi year journey to create a solution to centrally manage and operate applications based on containers and helping to migrate from cloud provider1 to cloud provider2. Build the application once and running it everywhere, that is the path ahead.

And to close the keynote, we have Allyson Felix to talk about her accomplishments from the track field to business and her partnership with Nike. Great conversation and great life story

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