Nutanix .Next 2023 Day 2 Keynote


Thank you for stoping by to read the announcements that were part this Nutanix .Next 2023 Day 2 Keynote.

The keynote started with a video of customers that uses Nutanix infrastructure such as Coca-Cola, Toyota and Airbus

Lee Castwell – SVP of product and solutions marketing is the one that kicked us of with a quick recap to day1, he recapped around Kubernetes Nutanix data services, Multicloud snapshot and Project Beacon. For more information and some images, please read my blog post from yesterday here.

Lees promised us that this keynote will be more technical and will be bringing tech teams to talk about products.

Up now, the first team is talking about Nutanix Central as the one operating model services. This will be a SaaS offering from Nutanix

Monitoring and application deployments across all “domains” which are locations were some of the features shown. They also showed how it can manage VMs from it.

The second demo we saw was the Multicloud Snapshot technology, during the demo we saw how a local VM was recovered on AWS by using an snapshot that was taken to AWS

A lot of the demos that were presented where based on AWS, that shows the maturity of the services are more on that hyperscaler

The last demo of this section was around Nutanix and how they are ready for AI

The second team, Thomas and Mike to talk about the latest product and solutions innovations.

The first demo was around the Nutanix cost showing and optimization tool, Nutanix Cloud Manager. This tool with show you costs across all your subscriptions with the ability to drill down and identify opportunities for optimization.

One optimization option is utilize Nutanix Cloud Clusters (NC2), a solution that has been really talked about during this event.

Nutanix has created a set of validate design that customers can take advantage of, I’m personally happy to hear from Nutanix that EUC and DaaS is still important for them.

Modern Apps present a similar set of problems data protection, data mobility and disaster recovery.

Nutanix Data Services for Kubernetes (NDK) si the proposed solution to resolve those challenges

Applications performance is still paramount for all customers and for this Nutanix is working with Intel and AMD to optimize for specific chipset platforms, AHV8 has also brought several optimizations and database specific optimizations.

How about networking?

Ransomeware is top of mind for every IT person. Nutanix has created a series of automations to help protect the environment. A video demo about this solution was presented showing all the features from detect to recover. Nutanix Data Lens will do this and customers can sign up for 1-year for free, use this link to sign up.

To recap this second section, NC2, agility around apps and protection of data and apps.

The third part of the keynote was a “play” type of thing. Nutanix had a three people on stage going over a fictitious M&A situation and how the different tools and services that Nutanix offers could make that process a lot simpler.

After the “little play”, we not have Dr. Khanna, She is an expert on AI and how this technology is going to change work. She presented an example of a plant based Mayo in Chile, which is the 3rd larger Mayo consumer in the world. They did this with Giuseppe, and AI assistance.

The company became the second largest NotMayo in Chile and now have quite a few more products such as NotMilk, NotMilkWhole, NotBurger using the same process with Giuseppe.

With that great message from Dr. Khanna and how we should be the heroes and not be afraid of AI but also need to be responsible for how we use it, the keynote has come to its end. Thank you for reading.

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