The Digital Workspace Keynote: End User Computing VMworld 2018


We are ready to start the coverage of the VMworld EUC keynote. The keynote started with at funny video about the inefficient ways that users interact with technology.

We have Shankar Iyer and Noah Wasmer to start.

Following with the theme of these morning’s Keynote, Engaged employees move the business forward and the digital transformation helps organizations to do that.

100% of Global SaaS are WorkspaceONE ready.

Today there are a lot of silos for users and devices today.

So how do we bring those silos down and unified things? WorkspaceONE is the platform that VMware has created to resolve this issue.

The VMware EUC team created the “Employees Award” for those companies that empower their employees to be better. This year aware winner is Adobe.

We now moving to the meat of the message and we are getting that from the one and only Shawn Bass.

There are more integrations coming from VMware and Dell. Dell Provisioning Experience. Dell factory is working with WorkspaceONE to take a machine out of the box to productive in matter of minutes.

This service will deploy an Workspace ONE image at the factory and how is it automatically integrated with it to ensure that only the trusted sources can deploy applications to the workstation.

You can also “reimage a computer” on demand in case of requirement.

The team is also introducing “industry baselines for Windows 10” that can be applied through WorkspaceONE, these baselines depend on the industry or compliance.

Application compatibility testing is also a new offering from WorkspaceONE. This is the WorkspaceONE Intelligence demo that was covered by Pat and team during the morning session.

Real time vulnerability remediation is also a new feature. The solution also based on WorkspaceONE Intelligence will automate the installation of the patch based on the level of vulnerability for the organization.

But not everything is Windows, these are a few other new things for other platforms

Now moving to security, yes we still need to protect things. The endpoint or perimeter is important and that is why we have to protect.

Zero trust security doesn’t have to compromise the user experience.

We saw a demo of WorkspaceONE and OKTA integration, to make sure that the right context is applied not only depending on the user but on the posture of the device.

Another demo was around DLP with Netskope to prevent users from saving or accessing data from devices.

The WorkspaceONE Trust Network has grown by adding 4 new partners

Simplifying App and Desktop virtualization is very important.

Modern management should be available for both physical and virtual environments

Horizon On-premises and Horizon Cloud can now be integrated on single visualization plane. This integration is done through a cloud connector services that bridges the different environments.

We saw a demo of and environment with PODs on-premises and cloud.

WorkspaceONE can also be leverage to manage physical and virtual workstations with the same Modern Management.

Now moving to automation, and how an IT focused solution can be transformed into an employee focused solution.

Workspace Intelligence Hub is the application that will be used on the mobile device to be the consolidation point of all WorkspaceONE things, apps, people, notifications.

All these integrations are driving by services that are part of the WorkspaceONE platform

The utilization of WorkspaceONE Intelligence was the heart of today’s keynote and will be driving a lot of what the VMware EUC team will be doing in the future. Pretty refreshing to be honest.

To close today’s EUC keynote, partners and customers can register for the EUC Beta program using the link below.

And this is it for today’s keynote.

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