VMworld 2018 General Keynote Day 1


Good morning everyone and thank you for reading. We are blogging live from inside Mandalay Bay Arena for VMworld 2018. We will be resuming the event to the highlights so we can get the information quickly.


The keynote started with a pretty vibrant video and the remarks of the theme of this years event.. “Possible begins with you” and Pat Gelsinger is here to welcome us. This is his 6th VMworld event.

Pat started the keynote recognizing his team, customers and partners that have help VMware to become a 20 year old company.

We followed that by a recap of the history of the company and how they have changed or help improved IT.

    Act One – Server Virtualization
    Act Two – End User computing
    Act Three – Network Virtualization
    Act Four – Cloud Migration
    Act Five – Multi Cloud Area

The name of the Keynote is “Tech Superpowers” but what are those? Cloud, Mobile, AI/ML and IoT

Those are super powers on their own but the combination of them makes them even bigger, since more mobile generates more data, which requires more compute power and better tools to analyze that data.

A quick review of the VMware Vision, this is a slide that we have seen in years past but it is refreshing that the vision is not changing but the products adapting to it.

After a description of how Cloud Foundation and VMware HCI has been evolved and how those solutions integrate together.

We are now moving to the VMware and AWS offerings. For that we got AWS CEO on stage to talk with us about the partnership between both companies.

Innovation continues to be key for both companies and they have a couple big announcements. The first one is the availability of VMC on all GEOs that AWS has

The second announcement is the availability for Amazon RDS on VMware. This will be available on the up coming months

VMware cloud Foundation is the heart of the what is happening at VMware but how does integrate with the resto

Project Di mension is VMware strategy to deliver cloud as a service delivered by VMware

Continue with announcements Pat is announcing the acquisition of @CloudHealth and leading company in the monitoring and analysis of cloud.

Another announcement come in the form of enabling developers to automate the code life cycle.

NSX is also getting a bit of momentum and with the acquision of VeloCloud, NSX has also taken on SD-WAN capabilities

It is time for Demos. The demos are being done by VMware CTO, Ray O’Farrell.

The first demo we saw what VMware on AWS, a demo of how to VMmotion VMs from on-premises to AWS

Project Dimension is VMware managed services to ensure that on-premises and edge infrastructure are running as it should

To resume the demos we just saw during the Keynote 1 session. We have one slide to resume them all.

As most organizations are looking at containers, VMware is helping to bring kubernetes to enterprise level through VMware PKS

And we have Wendy Cartee on stage to show us / demo VMware PKS. The demo is around the integration of NSX and PKS

Now we are moving to the NVIDIA and VMware relationship. The demo showed VMotion of GPU enabled GPUs.

Looks like Blockchain is also important for VMware and that is way they are announcing Project Concord, blockchain for the enterprise

Moving a bit of EUC news. Empowering employees make more engaged employees

Complexity is

Dell and VMware are partnering to provide Workspace ONE end points ready to go at arrival.

As part of the WorkspaceONE demo, we saw how WorkspaceONE Intelligence advising IT operations of patches will not work before they get applied or sent out to the workstations.

The next demo comes in the form of ESXi support on ARM 64-bit platforms

We moved to the last topic of this first General Session, security. An always moving target that everyone is chasing. The concept is bolt-on vs chasing bad.

There are two major announcements here, vSphere Platinum. VMs will not longer run insecurely

And the second announcement is adaptive Micro-Segmentation

Moving on with this security demo we saw how AppDefense present the virtual environment from an application perspective, not from an infrastructure perspective. The tool will learn, lock and adapt through the live cycle of the application.

And with this demo, we concluded the first keynote of the event. We will be covering the EUC keynote this afternoon. Please make sure to stop by and thank you for reading

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