Citrix Synergy 2018 – Keynote Day 1


Good morning and thank you for stopping by. We are live from inside the Citrix Synergy 2018 keynote hall to share all the relevant news and updates.

David Henshall is now in the stage to welcome us to the event and he makes a joke about the 4.9 earthquake we felt earlier this morning.

David is announcing that all the live demos we are seeing today is a real product and now vapor ware. Products will be available within the next 90 days.

Delivering and having a Digital workspace strategy can improve productivity up to 20%.



Traditional workspaces are complex and limit the possibilities for the employees. The management of this workspaces cost companies around $800 per user per year and with the move of solutions to SaaS, we really need a solution, a platform, to consolidate users requirements to easily access what they need, digital workspaces can do that

Citrix is focusing its priorities on three main areas Unify the portafolio, accelerate to the cloud without forgetting on-premises and Expand to new areas


Citrix is creating an universal workspace, a workspace capable to delivery the right data and applications based on the context. Since it is an universal workspace it can be used for virtualized applications and desktops as well as physical workstations.

The first announcement of the keynote is Citrix Workspace App, a new app capable of delivering apps and content to any device while being context aware. This new has new features such as built-in web browser, capacity to redirect content between local and virtualized applications based on rules, it is an unified access for employees.

The first demo of the day come from the Citrix Workspace App, it showed features such as Single Sign on, universal search and application aggregation.

Another feature from Workspace App is the file location aggregation, the file location doesn’t matter, it can be on-premises network drives, OneDrive and ShareFile

The live demos continue, we are now seeing a demo of the workspace app on a phone, casting apps from the phone to a workspace hub and the updated Secure mail take the stage. Several new integrations including an email to Slack integration was demoed.

Another announcement during this demo was the Citrix and ServiceNow integration


To recap the Workspace App will create instant secure access to SaaS, mobile and Windows applications and files

We now have the Google Cloud Platform team on stage talking about how Citrix + GCP offers the flexibility. Keep the options open and because this helps companies with flexibility it is a great partnership and option for customers.


As part of the Citrix + GCP announcements, Autoscale was announced to dynamically optimize environments

Not being locked in to single cloud or hypervisor allows Citrix customers to pick the right solution for them. We live in on Hybrid world and options are needed.

Citrix is also announcing that all major HCI manufactures have now joined the Citrix Workspace Appliance program and we will have them certified within 90 days.

As for the Citrix Microsoft partnership, there are three main announcements Windows 2019 day 1 support. The Workspace App will have built-in RDMI support and they are working on bringing SD-WAN to Azure.

It is now time for XenMobile, now known as Citrix Endpoint management, to show some of the new features

Now we are moving to Citrix Cloud announcements. The first announcement is the up coming support of Azure government

Second announcement for Citrix Cloud is Citrix Analytics and security features. App Control, SD-WAN as a services for MSPs and the integration of the recent acquisition of Cedexis and Intelligent Traffic management.


We are now seeing a demo of how the Workspace App can securely give users access to applications and content. Having a built-in browser on the application will help to reduce the number of IE published apps but also leverage the compute capacity on the end point.

As part of the demo, we saw how the Workspace App and use Windows Hello for single sign on how the integrations can increase users productivity.

To close the keynote David is taking us over the main announcements of the morning.


While the message was around “the future is now”, I personally liked the more center message around the “future is you” the user.


This completes the keynote today. It was in my opinion a good keynote, that center around the Workspace App and how that is the future for Citrix.

Thank you very much for reading.

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