VMware Explore 2022 Keynote


Welcome back conferences world, it has been a hot minute since we were together but I very happy to be here. Yes!! We are here in San Francisco at the Moscone Conference center and the keynote is about to start.

The keynote started with, as normal, with the legal disclaimers followed by video about multi cloud with the Raghu (VMware CEO) as he walks into the stage.

Raghu explains why the name change from VMworld to Explore, this is related to not only learning about VMware products but also other technologies from partners, multi cloud and digital transformation.

Raghu welcomed Broadcom’s Chairman who is sitting first row center on this keynote.

The journey to the cloud is not simple per Raghu and that is something we all have learned during the last 5-7 years.

Last year was about the introduction of Cloud Smart concepts but this year is all about the introduction of products that are part of of it. Starting with vSphere and VSAN 8, Tanzu 1.3

At the core of a multi-cloud management strategy, management is a key component. Because of that a new product has been announced Aria, allowing customer to manage cloud vendors under a single platform

VMware is making a commitment that by 2030 their data centers will be carbon neutral

It is now time for Sumit (VMware President) to take the stage to talk with customers about their transformation journey. It started with CVS and how cloud plays a role for them

With the multi cloud strategy the companies have, VMware is presenting their strategy on the 5 main areas of the cross platform and we are going to be navigating through all the 5 components

There were a few slides around Kubernetes and other developer things that I don’t focus on, we moved to the announcements on vSphere and VSAN. Version 8 for both.

Pretty excited to see the improvements on the GPU part, better performance better configurations

Concurrent upgrades is a pretty nice feature of vSphere 8, also the now adoption of DPUs

It is the time to talk about VSAN 8

Faster snapshots is a feature that is pretty welcomed here

VMware Cloud is also introducing Flex Cloud to allow for an smaller entry point, up to 97% according to the speaker presentation

VMware is also announcing the availability of Edge Compute Stack 2.0

EUC had some time on the main stage, mainly to talk about WorkspaceONE and specifically the FreeStyle Orchestrator, Intelligence and Horizon Cloud

The first part is Freestyle Orchestrator and how it can help with different workflows

Looking forward to learning more about Next-Gen Horizon Cloud for sure

We are finishing the note with a free style rapper, rapping to the bit of VMware words… so That’s a (w)rap.!

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