VMware EUC Keynote 2022


Good afternoon, we are inside the keynote room, the name for today’s session is “Setting the North Star for a Hybrid Work World”

Shankar is first on stage, he is welcoming us and talking about the last 3 years of work model.

The new normal is changing how resources are consumed, we need to be more agile, provide choices and enable our users. Automation is going to be very important for the future.

Since automation is going to be so important, Shankar is announcing “The Autonomous Workspace”. It will help with a better and more security user experience

One term that I have been hearing during the last couple of days is DEX, Digital Experience, which is a very important for VMware EUC.

We now have the VP of HR for FedEx on stage talking about how important the user experience is for his organization

Bharath is now on stage and to give us updates, starting with Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Data should is captured to be analyzed and then take actions

Once an error has happened, what to do with the data? Intelligence RCA will help to reduce the time to find out what went wrong

DEX settings are coming for both Horizon and WorkspaceONE

For security, VMware is partnering with Lookout to provide Mobile Threat Defense.

A great announcement is the availability of WS1 Tunnel as a standalone product that can be used on non-managed devices.

According to Gartner DaaS will grow from 30% to 80% by 2024

The new version of Horizon Cloud is now GA, it is for Azure only today but expected to be hybrid ready before the end of the year.

This Managed Desktop feature didn’t have a lot of information but it sounded like a services offering that could be competing with things partners are doing today, We will learn more about this tomorrow

Assigning applications to RDSH farms as needed is a new solution from VMware, it is called Published Apps on Demand.

Moving to WS1 UEM, the new interface is pretty cool. It is based on data to enable new features, while this is an internal thing for VMware, it enables them to adapt to OS releases faster

A new service for patching the OS is coming

Finally for WS1 UEM is Freestyle Orchestrator for Mobile, a tool to create workflows for apps and profiles on mobile OS

The final part of the session is a rapid-fire-style demo done by Shawn Bass, it was pretty cool. Thank you @DaneYoung for sharing the recording

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