VMworld 2020 – General Session Day 1


This year has been a pretty interesting year for all of us, from kids learning to how we do business to how we interact to each other to trade shows. VMworld 2020 – General Session Day 1 is about to start as part of this first all digital conference. and we will be covering it below. 

Video production has definitely had an up take on business this year and we can see it as Pat start addressing all virtual attendees.

VMware platform has evolved to provide the digital foundation for an unprecedented world via 5 pillars App Modernization, Multi-Cloud, Virtual Cloud Networking, Digital Workspace and Intrinsic Security.

This is definitely a rapid fire type of address from Pat. He starts with VMware Tanzu, a project that was introduced a year ago and they have delivered on it, Project Pacific to have been made available to run Kubernetes natively in vSphere.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are fundamental for automation and other workloads that are key for VMware and because of that Pat is announcing Project Monterrey, an alliance with NVIDIA to transform vSphere

Mult-cloud is important to customers but how to avoid some of the pitfalls like knowledge gap and multiple tools to manage the different offers? VMware’s approach is to leverage their array of solutions such as VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Cloud on VMC

How about security? NSX continues to be the flagship product for software define network and security

Carbon Black has broaden the security portfolio for VMware. Pat is announcing a free six month trial for Carbon Black Cloud Workload.

It is time for Digital Workspace. “VPN has proven inadequate” said Pat and this is true not only from a security point fo view but also from a user experience point of view. WorkspaceONE provides a Zero Trust digital workspace to protect data but also to provide a great user experience

The keynote included a lot of customer examples of how customers from JP Morgan to Dish to Hospitals and Cities are using the different VMware technologies.

Pat handled the video over to Sanjay who introduced multiple presenters to cover the different technologies.

For Digital Workspace, Lilit did the presentation. it was a great presentation talking about the different components of WorkspaceONE and how it has helped customers during this difficult times to adapt

If you would like to watch the full hour you can register for free here and watch the replay.

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