Citrix Synergy 2014 Keynote Day 2 Highlights


Good morning, it is a beautiful morning here in Anaheim, CA and we are ready to start with the second day of #CitrixSynergy. For the Citrix Synergy 2014 Keynote Day 2, I will be covering what is new from the customer eye, things that we can implement a few months after the event. Why a few months… let’s face it we all have real jobs to do next week.

The Keynote has started and we are picking up where we left of yesterday…

We are discussing architecture guiding principles.

Citrix is very focused on experience and leveraging “lego” style building blocks to create service aggregation

What does a reference architecture looks like? see image below


Citrix announced the Citrix Workspace Services – design and automation to create blueprints to manage and deploy Citrix services. Design, deploy, manage and share from a web based tool


When designing a blueprint a lot of the common components will be there


The wizard will take you though steps: visually looking at the design, selecting a location (private cloud, public cloud), then configuration such as IPs


Once deployed, we need to monitor right?.. well the tool has that


Mac receiver now has the HDX components to use the local processing resources instead of the server

Now we are listening to customers like Taco Inc and how they use Citrix technologies to improve their business on their manufacturing process.

They are using PureStorage to accelerate Citrix. I will be writing about my PureStorage experience very soon

Westpac bank in Australia reference architecture blueprint


CSC reference architecture blueprint, they are a solutions integration, services provider.


Now we are moving to Partner Innovation
First one down is Dell with a solution for medium size environments that will cost around $250 per user.


The second partner is HP with their #moonshot solution. I tweeted some pics yesterday. Dedicated System on a Chip (SoC) GPU, 4core AMD per microcomputer. You can put 180 power users in a 4.3Us.. 5Us to be honest




Intel is releasing their new process code name Crystalwell as their new version of Intel Xeon E3. Iris GPU, memory and CPU. Citrix demoed the new moonshot cartridge running this new Intel proc.

Wondering what will Citrix be working during the next 18-24 months?


And that was a wrap for the Keynote.

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