Nutanix NEXTConf Keynote Day 2


is on the stage to kick things of during the keynote day 2. The day is starting with Nutanix partners and Dell is first on stage announcing they have extended their partnership with Nutanix.

Microsoft is now on stage talking about the times of change that IT is facing and how the cloud is an IT enabler to satisfies the business.

 “The cloud is not a place is a model” but this is not an either or road.

We are now being taken through a little bit of Microsoft evolution.

Cloud model running on Nutanix and how Cloud Platform Standard will help customers on their journey to that model. 

Lenovo is now on the stage taking how their partnership with Nutanix has taken off since they signed it 6 months ago. They talked about big enterprise deals that have been successfully delivered .

Mark Leslie (former Veritas CEO) is now on the stage. His presentation “the arc of life” is about how to create a company that will last.

Something new this year is the creation of a set of awards to recognize 5 categories. The winners below

We are now moving to a CIO discussion panel. We heard about IT challenges and the importance of IT understanding the business, it’s needs and how to work together.

We have reached the end of the keynote day 2. Thanks for reading.

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