Citrix Summit 2017 Keynote day 2


Good morning, we are covering live the Citrix Summit 2017 Keynote day 2. As usual this second day will be more about technical details and demos. Looking forward to hear what the engineering and product teams will show us.

After a brief introduction, we are quickly moving into the meat of things.

Kevin Hsu VP marketing Apps is on stage reviewing what happen in tw

First announcement of the day goes to XenServer, Citrix announced the LTSR version and with that there is a minimum of 10 year commitment on this product.

Moving to the first demo it is all about HDX and its updates, the protocol battle isn’t over yet.

As cloud services goes, we are recaping the three new offerings Citrix has in collaboration with Microsoft

In case you haven’t read it somewhere else Citrix Lifecycle Management has now been renamed to Smart Tools. Two great cloud and on-prem tools are available  Smart Check which is an aggregation of health check tools that will help you to quick find issues on the environment on a more automate way and Smart Scale, this tool will allow you to power up and power down VMs which is essential on a cloud hosted environment.

Application layering is important for a great VDI / App virtualization environment, as announced yesterday @Unidesk will be taking the center stage at Citrix, which in my humble opinion means the end for AppDisk and personal vDisk.

XenServer has now received zero-day attacks protection through a collaboration with BitDefender, this is great and was needed but we still need a backup solution for XenServer to be adopted by more people.

It is the turn for ShareFile. First of, a slide from Gartner Magic cuadrant, 3 years in a row as market leader

Share file has 84k business customers, 20M users in 168 different countries.

ShareFile data security is a paramount for the solution and that is reflected by the multiple options available to secure it.

ShareFile has now introduced “ShareFile Document Workflows” to improve collaboration internally and externally and how users will update documents, review documents, get signatures, etc

The first live demo goes to ShareFile and it is for the document workflow, great demo.

As part of the bigger partnership between Citrix and Microsoft, ShareFile now provides storage zones in Azure

Moving to NetScaler product update. SD-WAN (SD=software defined) and the opportunities that it brings to customers in fronts such as $$$ savings, high availability, is a key message during this part of the presentation. Software centric Nutanix.

NetScaler Management and Analytics System (MAS), continues to rapidly grow within Citrix.

NetScaler Gateway continues to grow and will be bringing Azure Intune (EMS) enabled features pretty soon. NetScaler ADC also continues to focus on DevOps (CPX) and IoT related things

NetScaler MAS Demo

NetScaler integration / supported technologies


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