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If you weren’t able to attend VMWorld 2014 for whatever reason, please keep reading as we will be be blogging live from both General Session days (Monday and Tuesday) Live. All the latest news and demos from the VMWare administrator point of view.

Looking for the VMWorld agenda, click on this link

Other General sessions day2,

General session day 1 starts on Monday August 25th at 9am PT. Please check us back then.

T-10 minutes for #VMWorld2014 general session to start, seats are feeling up really quick.


Everything starts with a disclaimer even a general session. Now we have dancer on the stage.

Robin Matlock – WMWorld CMO is the first one to take the stage.


She is setting the stage and calls this week a “No Limits” week, to discovered how to deliver a software defined data center SDDC, explore EUC with big news on Airwatch and mobility.

Now Pat Gelsinger – VMWare CEO is up opening his third #VMworld2014


Pat is talking about how things are more “liquid” now days. Things moving from one place to the next really quick


Pat is encouraging his colleagues in VMWorld and customers to be disruptive, innovative, push forward the future. One of the ways of doing that inside VMWare is “eating their own dog food”, their next big plan is to move their ERP to VMWare Cloud Air.

There are silos that need to be overcome to go “bravely” in this new world



The announcements have started. First one up is VMWorld Cloud suite 5.8 followed up by vSphere 6.0 Beta, Virtual Volumes & Virtual SAN 2.0 Beta and vRealize Suite for easier management of environments.


VMware EVO is the new hyper-converged infrastructure for SDDC. The first release is EVO Rail, an appliance base device to run a 100 VMs on rack 2Us. VMWare is stating pretty firmly that they are not getting into the hardware business but leveraging partners to deliver that part.



EVO Rack is the cloud version of EVO Rail for bigger needs


VMWare announces its integration with OpenStack, it is in beta now but more to come later on 2014



Another announcement is containers without compromise to deliver applications, partnering with Pivotal, Google, docker and others. One platform for any application


While IT spending is being asked to be flat, IT security spending is growing but the security breaches are growing even faster, Pat said.
Network virtualization with NSX is rapidly growing for VMWare, the number of partners is now of 40. SDDC & NSX together are better 😉

Now switching to EUC and reminding us of the acquisitions of CloudVolumes, Airwatch, Desktone and others. Tomorrow we will learn about Workspace Suite and how it will tightly integrate all this technologies together.

The future is hybrid cloud, vCloud Air is the rebranding of vCloud Suite. To present about this Bill Fathers is about to present the solution


One year ago, VMWare announced the intention to have the data center cloud services in USA, Europe and Asia and they delivered that and more.


The goal was to deliver three main capabilities

  • Agility: moving to the public cloud to deliver faster
  • Efficiency: the quality of what is deliver has improved
  • Cost Savings: OPEX savings are the biggest savings

5 years ago (2009) VMWorld sold 2% of cloud services, in 2014 that increased to 6% but it is picking up its pace.

There are four phases to adopt cloud, according to VMWare


One of the reasons why IT is increasing their cost is because the business is doing their own work to adopt the cloud, creating multiple non-compatible environments that IT then needs to get tools to manage. So we need to fix that issue without slowing down the business

vCloud Air is the answer for this predicament, DR, net new apps, integration


Coverage of data centers is in USA, Europe and Asia. New data centers are coming on line every month for the last 11 months. In September a government dedicated vCloud Air implementation will go live in the USA.

Mobile application development is one of the areas where vCloud Air is putting a lot of effort, they want vCloud air to be the go to place for developers. Database as a service MySQL and Microsoft SQL server, but soon to support more. Airwatch is now available on vCloud air. vRealize Air formally known as vCloud automation.
vmware.com/go/ondemand is the place for beta program of pay as you go for vCloud automation


Bill is challenging us IT professionals to move the rest of 94% of workloads that are not in the cloud to vCloud Air.

Pat is back on stage, giving us a summary.


Carl Eschenbach COO is now on the stage


Carl is talking about what is the business asking of IT today, more innovation, more security, be complaint, give users freedom and flexibility, maintain control and KEEP SMILING because we have to cut costs.
To deliver this we need to transform IT, more automation, do less IT by embracing the hybrid cloud, to be open to “open”, leverage the power of software to avoid rip and replace hardware, we need to remove silos. So VMWare SDDC is thriving to accomplish this.

Now introducing customers like Medtronic, MIT Information Technologies, and Ford. They are going to talk about how the use VMWare technologies and the role of IT.

Medtronic started with VMWare trying to be more adaptable. They decided to implement SDDC to be agile and automate process to deploy servers. It when down from 10 days to 1 day to deliver, the process used to involve four different IT teams but now is fully automated.
The next phase for them is hybrid cloud to migrate workloads between on-premise to the cloud and back in a secure manner.

MIT has 99% of their workloads already virtualized. They are working in transformation to incorporate automation. They have been looking at OpenStack to manage their VMWare environment due to the openness of OpenStack. During the process they discovered that NSX is very important to leverage hybrid cloud.


Ford started last year with a global innovation contest. 800 people submitted 20 ideas for products and processes. Not everything was “rainbows and unicorns”, some of the requests where to accelerate rapid IT services. They defined a strategy to provide 5 stars services with 5 nines uptime in 5 minutes.. a big challenge, that was the begging of the innovation lab.


We are now hearing from EVO Rail early tester customers, Rackspace has been testing technology and been impressed with it.

With that we conclude our coverage of the first general session at #VMWorld2014. Please check us tomorrow for General session day 2

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