VMWorld 2014 General Session Day 2


Good morning from San Francisco, we are ready to bring you VMWorld 2014 General Session 2 live. Yesterday was a pretty exciting day focus on the Software-defined Data center (SDDC). Today should be End-User computing focused.

T-30 for it to start.


T-15, a series of partners such as EMC, Cisco, HP commercials are being displayed on the big screens

T-5, the announcer just asked us to take our seats and silent our mobile devices.

Lights dimmed down and as yesterday the disclaimer came up

First one up Ben Fathi VMWare CTO


We are going over a recap from yesterday


The power of “&” is what Ben is talking about


SDDC is an architecture, a suite of tools in the cloud to deliver, manage and consume resources.

Now up Sanjay Poonen, EUC Vice President as expected to talk about EUC


Sanjay is mentioned how much software there is in cars today and how VMWare is setting up themselves to delivery resources a light speed.

Three pillars for EUC


He is saying that Horizon 6 is a unified solution for VDI and App publishing, different from the competition (Citrix), not sure this is completely true. You still have Horizon and View


A video of an ew partnership between VMWare, nVidia and Google is up on the screens. It is a movie full HD movie running at the datacenter and 3D applications on a Chromebook.

Now mobility and their integration with Airwatch


Sanjay just asked how many people uses SAP, a few hands went up and he claims 50% of the attendees… a lot of laughs on that comment
They are talking about the SAP and AirWatch integration


Content-Collaboration, information should available anywhere on any device. I have heard that comment a few times during this conference. Didn’t #Citrix used that during the last… 10+ years


Workspace suite takes all pillars and put them together as a single offer for VMWare customers


Now up EUC – CTO Kit Colbert


How is EUC changing the way we work


Kit is now taking us through a “day-in-the-life” of a doctor; it is a kind of demo but just with screenshots not a full demo like some of us are used to. A demo should have the devices in front of the attendees, not just ppts or someone driving behind the scenes

The demo continues showing how users can signup to for applications that are not locally installed, go to a web browser and subscribe to applications, application delivery for desktops is the technology behind this.

Project Fargo delivers capabilities to deliver desktops 30X faster, cloning live machines and applying customizations to individualize the new machine. This is something to check out when it comes out. Interesting technology


Just-in-time Desktops, based on cloud technologies


They demoed how to delivered “tons of applications” using cloudVolumes but I was hoping for a little more details

That was it for EUC, very light to my taste. Moving on to SDDC

Now Raghu Raghuram – SDDC VP


Raghu is talking about the SDDC Momentum on NSX and management


Hyper-converged infrastructure… I think Nutanix is having some competition now. Check out my breakout session blog post. There is a lot information about EVO-Rail there.

A few jokes are going on about what can be done in 15 minutes, some reference to the insurance company, people laughs.

15 minutes is the time VMware claims that EVO-Rail will take to be up and running, one 2U appliance, 4 nodes, 100 VMs.

Want data center scale, EVO Rack. 20% of the hands-on labs here at VMWorld are running on EVO-Rack


VMWare contributing to OpenStack. According to Raghu the best way to run OpenStack is with VMWare


Partner distribution of OpenStack will work on VMWare


vSphere 6 innovations – in beta now
cross vCenter vMotion is pretty cool, with NSX no need to change network configuration


Cloud-native apps are getting help from containers and helping to move applications between the local data center and the cloud.
Containers without compromise are going to be a key part of the SDDC, one platform for any application


vRealize Suite, to manage your cloud resources. Available as an on-prem or SaaS in vCloud Air


Policies are the base of the vRealize management suite


They are demoing the policies now


Polices are then translated on vCenter-vSphere and other components and configurations



To control communications inside of your data center, NSX has implemented micro-segmentation. Take control of your data center before malware does



The architecture for today AND tomorrow


Now to talk about Hybrid-cloud Simone Brunozzi Chief Technologist wearing google glass


We are seeing demos of a couple vmware tools and how they are integrated with vCloud Air to extend capacity from the in-house data center to the cloud.



the demo is moving the local Lync implementation to the cloud with just a few clicks.


How is this done?


Hybridity reduces the dependency on where is the hw, DRaaS is actively using this type of services.


All the demos we are seeing are running on vSphere 6 web client. We are now seeing a demo of DRaaS on vCloud Air


The vCloud Air on-demand beta is now live for people to try out


We are wrapping up the presentations of this general session


With that we are done our live coverage of this second day general session. Please visit us on thursday for the last general session. Thank you for reading.

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