Citrix Synergy 2015 Keynote Day 2


Good morning Citries, we are getting ready for the Citrix Synergy 2015 Keynote Day 2, which marks the second day of announcement with a lot more technical details. Thank you for comming back to get your news.

Pre-show is all about karaoke today, iBand

Mark Templenton is up on stage recaping yesterday.

Citrix user group community CUGC was launched yesterday with 2400 registrations.

After the recap from yesterday, we are looking at the Sony “software defined paper” It is full integrated with @Sharefile which is pretty cool

Juan Rivera “Mr. HDX” is up to give us an update on a few things. The first one a very important is #AppDisk, an tool for application layering that integrates with AppDNA and Studio

Limited TechPreview on Q2 and general TechPreview on Q3.

The HDX protocol is now going to support the up and coming browser based protocol WebRT. The protocol has been improved to support less bandwitdh and more sessions per server. It also enables the use of very low cost devices like RaspberryPI. #Mr.HDX demoed a full desktop on it. Very impressive response from a $35 device

On stage Geir Ramleth, Chief Stragegy Officer. He is talking to us about the IT security world today and Citrix can help the customers. “Give the users a great experience without compromising security

Software-defined network need to be fast and cheaper

CloudBridge Virtual WAN will help us to do that by creating a bundled connection between the MPLS link and the local ISP, 4G, . QoS is included.

Single link access with Unifed Gateway 5 to 1 reduction on resourses needed

Concierged is now integrated on the new reciever to improve end user experience. Easier access to suppor directly from it.
The technology is also included for mobile devices applications with access not only to the screen on it but also sharing the device camera.

Tech Preview for Concierge is available today.

GoToMeeting is also integrated with the mobile screensharing technology. The option is available on the “AirPlay tab”, this is a great new feature.

Workspace automation is a service part of Workspace cloud empowered by IoT and running on #Octoblu

An example of meeting automation flow

Citrix just announced the #WorkspaceHUB a brand new device integrated with #Octoblu

Automated meeting space, it was the best demo of #CitrixSynergy, the whole environment can be run in an Intel Moon Platform, a device the size of Intel NUC.

We are wrapping up the keynote but there is one more thing and it is a final demo based on XenMobile and dynamic containerization. An application from the AppStore can be published and installed through XenMobile. It will create a XenMobile wrapped app automatically with all the coorporate rules.

This feature will save a lot time to the administrator reducing the time needed to go live with our always changing environment and always increasing users demands.

The last announcement of the Keynote is #CitrixSynergy 2016 will be at Las Vegas. It was a very nice keynote full of demos. Now time to go back to the break out sessions.

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