Citrix Synergy 2015 Keynotes


Hello Everyone, the wait has ended. We are live from inside Citrix Synergy 2015 Keynotes waiting to share the news that @CitrixCEO has for us today. Exciting times ahead.


the iBand is back on stage again this year while we wait for keynotes to start


The band is playing their last song, it is about time to start with all the news. But before that, Mr. B Madden talking about the best of Synergy awards

After all the announcements… here we go intro video.. get ready ..go

Mr Templeton is on the stage welcoming us and mentioning to be the largest #CitrixSynergy ever

Mark is talking about his favorite music album because “it is all about  the experience, the user experience”.

The message is out now, it is all about the apps, “Citrix loves XenApp because you love XenApp”

What is a workspace? It is a desktop well that is the old definition because is more than that, it is the set of digital tools needed to complete your work that has been optimized to device that you are using at any given time.

The smart phone is the perfect workspace but some time we need more screen or mouse or keyboard. Mark is going of script and showing is own workspace, first live demo of the day workspace on your pocket. The demo didn’t got as planned but we got the idea, phone connected to screen and mouse and keyboard

Now moving to a demo on the iPad with the same technologies but he stills struggles with connection but the idea is clear, the device is not important. The workspace is the core of my day, my engine

Now we are moving to the product updates

XenServer 6.5

  • full 64 bit hypervisor
  • SP1 is now available – 1000 VMs per host
  • docker containers, GPU
  • XenCenter upgrade

 NetScaler SDX

  • more partners added to the supported components
  • 20 – 1 consolidation of F5
  • Softlayer is now part of their datacenter for
  • Cisco partnership expanded


 Citrix Melio (former Sanbolic)

  • Storage Virtualization
  • New disk agnostic storage
  • two models VDI edition, enterprise edition


That was it for the updates now back to new and strategy.

The workforce is an “&” not an “or”

The experience is important because the new generations, device independence and very secure that is where things are going to.   

Moving into the innovation awards video. The nominees this year are Marlins, John Holland, Exelon, Aer Lingus. The winner is Aer Lingus.


“Hands down the most powerful way to publish apps”, over  1 million apps published using it

Some of the biggest clouds run on XenApp cloud.

XenApp 6.5 is getting support through 2017 (one more year) and a new feature realease is comming out soon

Storefront 3 – multifarm connectivity

New reciever has three forms, single point of contact for Citrix products

Time for a demo on teh new storefront and receiver, the demos are done by techs this year as Citrix doesn’t have a CDO (chief demo officer) anymore.

The tech preview is out today, no more StoreFront X1 branding. Storefront 3 it is.

XenApp/XenDesktop 7.6

Two new feature packs, one available today one available in July, a little “back to the future” on FP1

HDX with framework and new graphics engine, 30% bandwith usaged, 20% more density

Migrating from 6.5 to 7.6 tools

over 400 successful migration based on a service

XenMobile 10

Enterprise version is the most sold version today

MDX technology for app protection


New single console to define policies for all devices, new apps released today. Exciting days for XenMobile, this tool has seen major improvements last 6 months.      


Consistent growth


Over 55,000 corporate customers, Connect other storage platforms WAS, etc.

Introduction to new restricted StorageZones where only the customer has the encryption key. New edition has been announced, platinum with unlimited datastore and electronic signature, only in a subscription based

This next product has been 5 years in the making by the Cloud App Delivery team, to reinvent XenApp for the cloud

 Cloud Delivery was about understanding how to get to the cloud. ShareFile allowed Citrix to understand what is the control plane. Finally there was need to understand how to do hybrid cloud

And Workspace Cloud was born

CWC demo is happening now

Citrix LifeCycle Management is a great future tool but after playing with for 4 hours is still in a very early stages of development

What is powering Citrix today?

One more thing announcement time now… The Nimble Collection team is up in the stage to demonstrate how they use Citrix Cloud services.

It takes one year to create 1 hour of animation. Nimble Collection empowers the small guy, new grads to succeed and collaborate from anywhere

And this is it for the first #CitrixSynergy 2015 keynote. More tomorrow. thank you for reading

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