Installing VxRail Video


Following on my previous blog post showing the step by step process to install a VxRail, I wanted to share the video that I recorded while I was doing that installation. This installing VxRail video has been accelerated, the process takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete.

Images said more than words and videos are even more effective. 😉 During this 6 minute video, you will see a couple of errors that I ran into and what I had to do to fix them.

Thank you for watching


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    • Hello Sy, will a picture be enough? or would you like to know a little bit more details? I have another post here that describes the requirements. What exactly are you trying to get on iSCSI?

  2. For VXRail ESXi Host management. which VLAN you are configure? Are you using flat network? If let said I want set my ESXi Host management, vCenter, VXRail Manager IP in VLAN 10. How should I do? Tq.

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