Citrix Synergy 2016 – Keynote Day 1 Coverage


Good morning everyone and welcome to Citrix Synergy 2016. Today marks the one for most of the conference attendess but day two, three or four some of the guys out there. It is day two for me.
This year the event starts with the General Session Keynote. In a couple hours we will be hearing from the Citrix leader team now lead by new CEO Kirill Tatarinov (@kirilltatarinov) about the strategy of @Citrix and (I hope) some product updates, join us or continue reading for the live coverage of this keynote.
T-20 minutes, seats are starting to fill up.


We will begin live coverage in 5 minutes
An we just begun, A video is showing to kick us off

On stage is @tminahan talking about the Innovation Awards nominees and we are getting introduce to them by watching a video

Now coming to the stage is Mr. Kirill Tatarinof

Productivity growth has decline because the complexity of the new world

The vision is connect people with technology, to close the productivity, to move into the future. 

The job of Citrix is make us heroes in this new digital world by building the world best integrated technology services for secure delivery of apps and data

It is time for announcements

First demo of the day, accessing Citrix workspace through the first commercial RaspberryPi thin client by @Viewsoni

The second demo, which was supposed to be Skype for business didn’t go well so we moved on to see the SD-WAn demo which is very similar to the one on Summit

Announcement about the partnership between @Citrix and @Microsoft

We have a video from Microsoft explaining the new level of partnership on Azure, Windows10, etc

DaaS on azure powered by XenDesktop, integration between Netscaler and AzureAD and finally aligning Intune and XenMobile

After these huge announcements, we are now hearing from three customers on a panel. They are talking about how they are using the Citrix solutions.

We are back on the presentation and we are talking about Citrix Cloud and the offerings. We are about to hear from a customer that has implemented CWC, what they did and how impacted their rollout

Mr. Tatarinof just said that Citrix is all-in in the cloud and it is introducing us to Workspace as a Service (WaaS) and Citrix has all the tools to delivery the technology.

Kirill is talking about the role that NetScaler is the gateway for all, that StoreFront is taking a bigger role to delivery the right resources the user needs.

The digital transformation and Citrix is positioning their customers to be the heroes of this area, to enable companies to be ready and to be successful

The Message is that Citrix is back, with big parnerts, with focus. They are leading the digital transformation.

And this is a wrap, tune in for tomorrow’s Keynote Day2.

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