Citrix Synergy 2016 – Keynotes Day 2


Good morning all, we are ready to cover the day 2 keynote session. I’m pretty excited about what we are going to see especially after yesterday’s announcements. You can review yesterdays announcements here. We should be hearing from Microsoft and updates on the products.

As usual the second day is a lot more technical than the first day. So let’s hope for all the demos to work because they guys up on stage have put tons of work into it and they deserve it.

Tim Minahan is kicking things off today again, we are recapping yesterday message and how Citrix is here to help us say “Yes”, yes to changes, yes to BYOD, yes to digital transformation.

We are moving to the announcement of the Citrix Innovation award, Arca Continental a Coca Cola bottling company. Very proud because of I’m a proud Latino

Bill Murley is on the stage to talk about Citrix Innovation. 3X more innovation on 2015

Take a look at the 2016 innovation thus far

Bill is now talking about what is in Platinum and why it make sense for companies to get it. AppDNA on its own is fantastic reason to get Platinum, add self-service password reset

XenMobile innovation brings Win10 and Mac MDM

But what is new for quarter, experience with accelerated graphics with support for nVidia and Intel already in XenServer7.  From a security point of view, Federated authenticated services. Finally infrastructure, all about hyper converged 

Microsoft is now on stage to talk about the new alignment. Brad @inthecloudMSFT is talking us through this part of the presentation

How are they working together? Check the slides below. Publishing apps from ConfigMgr… Wow

Office365 collaboration, Skype for Business has only been optimized for XenDesktop

Citrix cloud is going to be build on Azure

Mobility is very important for both Microsoft and Citrix. EMS and XenMobile are integrating in very interested ways

We are now listening to UBS, a Citrix customers, and how they are currently using the different solutions.

Bill is now explaining why to upgrade

Bill is talking us through some ROI examples and the real cost of the vTax

Nutanix announced a $415 per user VDI solution

In resume, upgrade could potential save you money

It is time to talk about NetScalers and for that we have Klaus on the stage.

Klaus is talking about the evolution of the NetScaler of the years and how the development of applications has transformed IT.

Containers are here so Citrix is announcing NetScaler CPX, a NetScaler in a Linux container

We now we have Humana on the stage talking about they are using NetScaler

Klaus just announce the addition of NetScaler MAS.. To aggregate the large number of NetScaler instances that could be in your environment especially with the addition of CPX

We are now seeing a demo of Skype for Business and SD-WAN

We are now talking about NetScaler Gateway and the new feature to bring unification between StoreFront and the Gateway

We are back talking about NetScaler MAS and how it will bring all the data on the network to one place and then 

Now we have Jesse Lipson on the stage to talk about what is new on ShareFile

Data can be anywhere and it gets pretty complex

With ShareFile the customer has access to a lot of different connectors for resources but there is also and SDK to create their own custom connectors

ShareFile provides data protection at rest and the new key management for Cloud storage zones, so customers can have the   Storage on the cloud but manage their own keys

Data protection in Motion is also very important and for that ShareFile is announcing Informastion Rights Management

ShareFile has a couple more announcements 

We are now watching a demo of the features that we just learned about. The demo showed all the new features like opening the document stored in SahreFile directly on the web browser and see live changes made by someone else using the co-editing feature. The other big part of the demo for me was how to use the information rights management (IRM), This is based on Sharefile’s own implementation of IRM. The file was downloaded locally and the file will always do a call home to check on the status of the IRM, like expiring the file. “This file will be destroyed in 10, 9, 8,,,” style

After a short talk about how Liberty Mutual implemented ShareFile, we are wrapping the keynote.

Thank you for reading 

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