VMWorld 2016 Keynote Day 2


Welcome to the VMWorld 2016 Keynote day 2 recap. This second day  is going to be a keynote with a lot more speakers than yesterday and with a lot more demos. We will be taken through VMware’s vision and how the diffent components integrate

First up is Sanjay Poone EVP of End-User Computing.

Sanjay is taking us through the evolution of WorkspaceONE. How the solution integrates Identity Manager, Airwatch and a couple more solutions to provide seamless secure access to corporate resources, when you need them where you need them

We are also seeing how Airwatch and Boxer are now integrated to deliver a very nice experience for the user. Integration, Single Sign-On and security are the gist of the demo we are seeing. Sanjay is doing a “day-in-the-live” type of demo and showing us use cases that we are familiar with. Expense report approvals, Service-Now approvals, even integration with Google Drive.

Sanjay invites SalesForce to talk about the relationship between them and how are they collaborating

Sanjay is now talking about how Windows 10 is growing and how it can be managed and how the goal of VMware is reduce the cost of managing that end point. How security can be achieved by integrating solutions like NSX to protect what data can be shared and what can’t be shared.

End Point Management on Windows 10 is being achieve by leveraging Airwatch and NSX on a really nice demo of this capabilities and how corporate data can be restricted from being shared through not approved public apps. Very similar to what we have been able to do with application wrapping on iOS and Android devices but now moving into a full Windows 10 machine.

We are now moving into a joint demo with TrustPoint.

We now have VMware VP and CTO Ray O’Farrell

He is talking about Enterprise cloud applications and how they can be delivered by VMware with application containers

So what is happening with Containers in VMware, lets review the different types of container available from VMware.

VMware Cloud-Native App VP Kit Colbert is taking us throug this section

First up – vSphere integrated containers. These containers are created as virtual machines on vSphere.

As you can see, this integration shows the containers in vSphere and takes advantage of all its tools even vRA

vRealize Suite helps to make the containers even more accessible and nimble for the developer team.

Now is the time for Project Photon Platform, cloud-scale containers

Cloud-scale containers architecture

Ray is back on stage with Nike to talk about how open stack and NSX is helping Nike to be a technology focus company to grow faster.

Software Defined Data Center continues to be the bread and butter of VMware and the four pillars for SDDC are vSphere, vRealize, NSX and VSAN.

It is now the time for NSX to take the stage. Dr. Rajiv Ramaswami EVP for Networking and Security is delivering the message for us

Network virtualization and NSX helps organization to transform by offering things like micro-segmentation, securing end user data, simplifying and automating DR.

NSX is demoing tech-preview tools that will make NSX implementation easier, the first solution will help visual design the data flow and will automatically create the firewall rules that can then be monitored with vRealize Network Insight. The demo was very interesting.

It is time to talk about VSAN and Hyper-converged. Yanbing Li SVP for Storage and Availability is now on stage. She is describing how customers have taken VSAN mainstream very quickly

VMware is trying to position VSAN at the hart of the data center. With 5000 customers today, I think they are doing a good job here.

VSAN is an enabler for private cloud and according to Yanbing is the best storage for cross-cloud platform.

Time for their demo, policies, recommendations and storage motion are also part of VSAN

How can VSAN help cross-cloud services? d

Ray is back to close up things and recap on VMware vision but not before talking a little bit about VMware Cloud Foundation, which is VMware’s platform proposal for unifing private and public clouds.

With this, the keynote day 2 has finished. Thank you for reading.

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