VMWorld 2016 Keynote Day one


Good morning IT world, we are ready to start with the VMWorld 2016 Keynote session.

First up an amazing percussionist is on the stage and an interesting motivational speaker to talk about be_tomorrow
Now VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger is welcoming us and taking us through some history of VMware and some customers.
21 VMworld attendees have been at every event and VMware just give them two conference passes for life. Kudos to VMware for doing this.

Pat is talking about the impact of the public cloud in the IT, VMware predicts that by 2021 50% of all IT workloads will on public clouds

Really nice comment from Pat, today IT is in charge of securiting an environment where IT doesn’t controller (almost) anything. That is not an easy task.

Time for a small video from companies and how SDDC has helped them.

Pat just announced that IBM is their first vCloud Air foundation. They are also partnering on the DaaS side of things.

We also have saw a new vision slide from Pat, Any device, any application, any cloud.


Now up is Guido Appenzeller, Chief Technology Strategy officer of Networking and Security

We are talking about security and challenges in a cross-cloud environment. Citi Bank CTO is on stage with Guido addressing this topic.

VMware is now announcing cross-cloud services. A service layer to enable vSphere workloads to run on public clouds. This is probably one of the biggest announcements that VMware has done in the recent years. It is a little bit of back track on the ir messaging from last year of “One-Cloud”. Try, learn, evolve. Nothing wrong with that.

A new demo on stoge on how things work, options like encryption with NSX, workloads migration, etc. The demo went really well, the picture below shows the tech-preview interface

After all the demos of cloud-cross, Pat is back on stage.

Michael Dell is now on stage talking with Pat about the relationship and the impact on VxRail and the ecosystem.

And after a brief chat the first keynote has ended.

Thank you for reading.

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