VMWorld 2017 – Keynote Day 2


Hello everyone, we are ready for the live coverage of VMworld 2017 Keynote Day 2. This should get us a lot more details on the high-level announcements from yesterday.

The keynote starts right on time with Pat Gilsenger to welcome us and dive right into the event.

Michael Dell is now on stage with Pat to do a Q&A a session with questions submitted by attendees.

The first question is about VMware Support, Pat thanks for the feedback and says that they pay a lot of attention to support results and that they will continue to improve.

Second question is about machine learning and the future of it. Michael Dell took the question. He talked about the amount of data that we are capturing today and how IoT is adding a lot more data. The fuel for AI and machine intelligence is the data, without data there is no AI and Dell is paying a lot attention to it. “This topic is broader than just IT”

There were a few more questions, the comments below are some of the interesting comments during the sessions.

  • Michael Dell “the ecosystem is a key part of VMware success, it will get stronger”
  • Pat Gilsenger made a funny comment about some of the partnerships that Dell has that might not be great for VMware but Michael said “we all be fine”, maybe he was referring to Nutanix?

We know have Rob Mee CEO of Pivotal on stage

Pivotal is bringing their expertise in creating PKS, this was an ever green, highly secured Kubernetes. It was created in collaborating with Google. 

We are now moving to the demos, Ray O’Farrell is currently our host for the demos. The demos are being presented using a fictitious company “Elastic Pizza”

With the need to fast grow, which cloud architecture is the right one for your company

VMware believes that a consistent code across multiple cloud architectures is the right approach from a simplicity and operational point of view.

VMware Cloud infrastructure is that common code to the deliver the vision

We saw a demo of how AppDefense and VMware on AWS and on-premises can work together to create that flexible growth and simply management organizations are looking for.

We are review the newly announce VMware Cloud Services and its components.

We are starting with the TechPreview of Automation to ensure developer code is standard across environments

NSX cloud is the next service to be reviewed, this services will actually run not only vSphere workloads but also on native AWS workloads

When troubleshooting application issues, there are two products that we saw demos for.

  • Wayfront is a analytics tool to understand the application performance from the infrastructure or internal application point of view
  • Workspace ONE Intelligence to understand the application from the end user point of view
  • Workspace ONE mobile workflow will help with the actions and the context needed to take that action

What tools will be fueling the future? Machine learning, AI, IoT are some of those ideas

Pulse IoT is one of those tools. The tool will manage IoT sensor location, status, alerts and automation. This product is available today

Next tool is Functions as a sevices (FaaS). Based on vSphere and vROPS. Bring cloud like tools to on-premises

And with this last demo we are wrapping up the Keynote for Day 2.  All demos were videos, I will be creating a recap of the videos and create a blog post about them. Thank you for reading.

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