VMworld 2017 EUC showcase – keynote


Good afternoon everyone, we are now ready to start our live coverage of the EUC showcase which is the second keynote of the day. There will be plenty of announcements to share to day so stay tuned.

The main presenters for the day will be Shawn Bass and Sumit Dhawan. Very happy to see Shawn up on stage leading this keynote.

The EUCShowcase starts with a video of how much technology can do but reminding us that technology needs people and the future is human.

Sumit is up first in stage to talk about how to unleash the power of humans.

WorkspaceONE is now 12 months old and we are reviewing what has change during this 12 months with the technology.

The VDI cost it continues to be an issue according to Sumit and that is an issue due to multiple factors. To resolve some of these issues a platform is required

WorkspaceONE has become that platform to unified user experience with end point management with security and user simplicity

Now we have Shawn on stage to take us through the demos and to drive the journey of managing devices all the way to Windows as a Service.

WorkspaceONE can now provision workstation the same way we are so used to do with mobile devices, on boarding for Windows devices. Rethink device provisioning.

VMware is partnering with Adaptiva to rollout applications to devices that are not within the corporate network. No need for servers in the branch office are needed, rethink your SCCM deployment points.

But everything is not about Windows, how about MacOS? There is a new native WorkspaceONE to provide access to published applications, corporate websites with per app VPN, Mac native application downloads

As mentioned in our previous key note, Airwatch and WorkspaceONE are currently the only UEM solutions to provide native device configuration and management for Google Chrome OS devices

The future is about Unified Endpoint Management, yes another UEM acronym in the EUC world, we need to stop thinking in terms of imaging workstations, enroll, control, protect, empower the users.

Moving to BYO and Privacy

The employee wants to use different device but keep their privacy.

Device trust between the employer and the employee. WorkspaceONE has the capability to divide and protect corporate data.

As the demo continued, we just saw a video of Samsung DEX, that transform the phone on a full desktop with keyboard and mouse support.

Windows as a Service

We are now receiving the announcement that VMware has partnered with DellEMC to create “VDI Complete” a solution in a box, while this was announced at Dell World, this updated offering has Apps, Desktops and NVIDIA grid.

Also we saw the announcement for Horizon Cloud on Azure, making it a multi-hypervisor solution. This is a very big announcement since it is the first time that Horizon is supported on other hypervisors that are not vSphere

Horizon cloud on Azure cost is around $8 per user per month.

JMP is a key component of Horizon to decrease the time it takes to create a desktop. UEM + AppVolumes + Instant clones are the engine behind JMP or jump as we heard during this session.

Now moving to security, Sumit is back on stage to talk about this topic

Security is difficult to do so VMware has partnered with multiple companies to provide WorkspaceONE with the right security tools.

WorkspaceONE Intelligence is a new offering to enable IT organization to really understand and protect applications. It also allows to take automatic actions based on the data that is being collected.

Big data type data is presented to the IT administration to handle security threads, user experience issues and automate the actions to correct or review such issue

Now we’re talking about the technology preview for Mobile Flows. This technology directly interacts with email client Boxer. This solution will interact with Boxer and widgets to bring context information around the email. For example, if the email has an address for a customer, bring up the deal that the CRM tool has for this customer.

Mobile Forms will share the context and authentication required for third party applications that partner with Mobile flows

With the message “The future is human” we have completed our EUC Showcase. Thank you for reading.

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