VMworld 2017 Keynote Day 1


Welcome everyone to VMworld 2017 Keynote Day 1 live coverage. Thank you very much for stopping by, reading and sharing your thoughts. As always we will be sharing the most important announcements so you can get the gist of this 1.5 hours keynote in just a few minutes

The program is starting now with VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger on stage. His message started with a message for those affected in Houston by the hurricane.

He is illustrating how technology has mature with examples like the comic book exoskeletons that are now a reality in South Korea steel workers.

There is a fundamental shift in how we live, in last 200 years agriculture and manufacture has changed dramatically towards the down while the rest of the industries have gotten momentum

So what is the vision of VMware? It is all about the apps and the vision bellow shows it.

How to deliver applications to users with consumer simple enterprise secure” mindset? WorkspaceOne is VMware solution for it

Airwatch and Google have agree in a exclusive deal to allow Airwatch to manage Chromebooks directly.

We saw a video from HPE announcing that they have partnered with VMware to include Airwatch as part of HPE’s UEM hosted offerings.

It is now time to move to other topics and what better than the cloud

VMware cloud foundation is VMware offering to make the cloud simple to consume whether that is on-premises, hybrid or hosted.

AS part of cloud announcements we have Andy Jassy, AWS CEO, he is on stage to announce the availability to VMware Cloud on AWS

This solution is currently available only on the west coast availability zone but east coast will be available later next year. VMware expectation is to have it available worldwide by the end of 2018.

Pat recognize that while they will hope companies are 100% VMware centric they know there are other players in the industry and because of that they announce VMware Cloud Service. There are seven offerings that can provide consistent operations across all clouds.

Next topic is Networking, NSX, network virtualization

Very interestingly Pat mentioned that NSX is becoming what vSphere was 10+ year ago to VMware, that foundation to continue with the innovation. NSX is becoming the center of multiple solutions whether in the cloud or on-premises

Pat is now talking about how security has gotten Uber complex for customers, we need simpler solutions, changing security for the better.

Pat said that we have failed as an industry and the offers in security are just overwhelming, the picture below shows how complex it is.

For that reason VMware believes that a getting back to the basics by performing good cyber hygiene a lot of the current attacks can be prevented. Five pillars define VMware cyber hygiene

VMware is introducing VMware AppDefense as a new capability to help customer protect their data by reducing the attack surface

IBM and VMware are announced they are working in an application that integrates AppDefense with analytics and automation to take protection to the next level.

Now to wrap the key note we have @SSpoone on stage, what are the top 3 top priorities for VMworld cloud, mobility and security. That is the digital transformation

And this is wrap for keynote 1 at VMworld 2017. Thank you for reading.

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