Nutanix .NEXT Keynote Day 2


We are ready to start the Nutanix .NEXT Keynote Day 2. I’m expecting to see more demos and talked about some of the technologies mentioned yesterday in more depth.

Sudheesh Nair is kicking off our second day. Very interesting start of the keynote with some jokes and admitting that the announcements from yesterday where a bit light but he promised us that we will be digging deeper during today’s keynote.


But before we start the technology demos, Sudheesh is is having a conversation with Nasqad CEO. They talked about how Nasqad  disrupted about the trading market and how automation and data analytics are very important but that everything has to have a human aspect.

Sunil Potti is up next presenting. His presentation started with a video of how Nutanix can be that single fabric to manage public, and private clouds. The hybrid cloud is the focus of his message.

Sunil shared with us that Nutanix biggest customer has over 1750 nodes and it is 100% running on AHV. This a very interesting fact, which tights into the numbers shared yesterday where AHV is now deployed on 23% of nodes.

 Nutanix has software ELAs that allows the customer to choose any hardware platform and migrated from one hardware to another one at any time.

One OS for all workloads, one fabric accross all different type of clouds.

Nutanix is announcing two tools to make migrations simpler. VM Xtract and DB Xtract. 1-click migrations make the world of difference

Performance has always been important so for benchmarking Nutanix is announcing X-Ray, this is an HCI testing tool.

One new node for high performance is also part of the announcements. NX-9030 40Gbe and NVMe support is great
New AHV turbo, it is just a software upgrade

We are now seeing a demo of new protection capabilities in PRISM. Super important is that it is also announced 1 minute RPO

One new partner is now announced. IBM. They mentioned the relationship is going very well and the testing has gone great.

A very interesting announcement is the ability of 1-node and 2-node. There has been a 1-node option for data protection for awhile so It will be interesting the use cases. ROBO and Edge Clouds were a couple examples.

Continuing with the announcement, one click networks allow the customer to deploy VLANs, load balancing and micro segmentation from PRISM. Design and deploy from a single interface. We will look for which L3-L7 partners will be working with Nutanix to execute on this. 

Calm.IO join Nutanix a little over a year ago and now has been fully integrated as Nutanix Calm, all the features soon to come to PRISM central

Nutanix Calm can help you with machine learning based actions on your data center like delete VMs, change configurations but also will help you to decide where you should run that workload on-premises or public cloud.

We are looking at the Nutanix Calm, which is backed into PRISM central. A few big things mentioned during the demo, vGPUs on AHV, PRISM central to have its own release cycle and dynamic alerting all based on the machine learning.

One-click hybrid networks from Nutanix Calm allows you automatically create AWS networks from your Nutanix implementation

One more thing… but a huge thing Xi Cloud. It is an extension of the data center, making operations easier and providing DR services

Enabling DR shouldn’t be difficult and this is the focus of Xi Cloud, making it simple. Very important part of this announcement is that all the Xi cloud features can be deployed on-premises on the NX platform.

While produc features and quality are very important great support makes the difference for the customer and this is an area that Nutanix does best.

And this is a wrap… it was a packed keynote. One of the best I have seen in recent years. Well done Nutanix.

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