Nutanix .Next 2017 Keynote


Welcome to our live coverage of the Nutanix .Next  2017 Keynote. The room is full and the organization is expecting to have over 3000 people in attendance this year.

The keynote started with a band playing some good rock music, the band that opened the even was made off Nutanix customers, partners and employees. Pretty impressive for only 24 hours of practicing.

First up is Julie O’Brien, she is talking about the achievements for the year, like three straight years with an NPS score of at least 90. Some more data such as

  • The largest nutanix customer has invested over $50 millions
  • AHV adoption has grown to 23%

We are now welcoming nutanix founder and CEO Dheraaj Pandey, his message is evolving around the future of cloud and the transformation that will be required.

The first announcement is now being conducted by Aaditya Sood. The announcement is a live demo of the new integration between PRISM and Calm.IO, how the newly created Nutanix market place (a.k.a App Store) will allow clean and easy application deployment, configuration and management. 

This is a great graphical orchestration and automation tool will run on on-premises Nutanix nodes or in the google cloud

But the market place is not limited to applications, customers can find solutions and virtual appliances, some of which you can see below.

PRISM central is also getting some help from Calm.IO, Multiple clouds can be managed from PRISM central, helping the IT Admin.

Dheraaj is inviting Diane Greene from Google Cloud on stage to talk about the newly announced partnership.  Diane is taking about the growth of Google and how Google’s data centers are state of the art and how they received an A rating from Green Peace

Following the conversation with Diane, Dheraaj is now talking about Nutanix Xi. While his comments where light about it, we will learn more about the DR capabilities this offering bring to the IT environment. This is actually a big announcement since it will bring a lot of value to customers.


We are now moving to an executive panel type of conversation about “to build or to buy”. After the panel we wrapped up the session. See you tomorrow.

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