Citrix Synergy 2017 Technology Keynote


Welcome back, just 3 short hours after the first keynote we are now ready for the coverage of the technology keynote. While some of announcements were done during the first keynote we will be seeing more details during this one.

The keynote is starting with three short videos of FL Marlins, SJ Sharks and the RedBull Racing team, pretty nice videos. And now in stage is Mr. Tim Miniham.

The first session this morning was about vision but this second session is about innovation.

VP of product PJ Hough is now on stage to start the tech part of the keynotes, starting with the walk through the components of the Secure Digital Workspace, the software-define perimeter.

It is all about the users and what they need but IT needs to have the right tools to empower the user. When the user doesn’t have the right tools it will cincurvent IT.

User experience has always been in the forefront for Citrix, in today’s world that means integrating productivity, control and security.

We now looking at few XenApp, XenDesktop and Secure Workspace. One good thing this year is that the demos are comparing Citrix technologies against physical desktops which are the competition for any VDI solutions.

One nice demo that we saw during the keynote is the Citrix Quality Indicator. This is a separate installation (for now) to share the connection quality between the end user and the data center

After a great presentation on the Secure Workspace we are now seeing a great demo on App Layering how these layers are transferable between on-premises and cloud solutions. This part of the demo is done by Ron Oglesby

The demo was very good around Workspace and how we can move from device to device using multiple Citrix solutions.

Now in stage is Brad Anderson to talk about the integrated solutions that Microsoft and Citrix have been working on.

As part of these integrations the Citrix Receiver (UWP) for Windows 10 S is now available on the Windows Store. This is a big announcement as it enable devices such as Hololens to run Citrix sessions

A full list of solutions that have been delivered or will be delivered within 90 days by Microsoft and Citrix solutions is below

After the Microsoft + Citrix topic we move to the Security topic. This is delivered by Abhishek Chatham. During his presentation one important comment made during this presentation is that “Complexity is the enemy of security”

Citrix is announcing NetScaler Secure Web Gateway, with GA on Q2 2017

In today’s environment security should not focus on the attacker but on the user. Once the user has been impersonated, most of security tools will fail to detect the attack.

With Citrix Analytics Service one can understand the user. We are now moving into a live demo of this new service and how it can help companies to achieve higher security.

A few announcements on the NetScaler updates 

PJ is back on the stage to remind us that while the focus at Citrix is the cloud they are not forgetting the need to maintain and continue to improve on-premises solutions.

Thank you for reading.

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