Citrix Synergy 2017 Vision Keynote


Hello everyone, we are here live from Orlando, FL. This 2017 marks my 14th year coming to this Citrix customer event and I couldn’t be more excited as this is my first time here as a #CitrixCTP.

The other interesting point this year is that we will have not one but two keynotes the same day. The first keynote (this morning) will be around the Vision of the company while the second one (this afternoon) will be all about the technology. Join us for both.

The keynote started with a video of how Citrix is help followed by Tim Minahan to kick things off and a reflection of teh terrible acts of the attacks that happened yesterday in Manchester, UK. Thoughts to their

Citrix is thanking customers, partners and the community and the CUGC community. It you are not a member please sign up.

The reason for two keynotes on the same day is to allow attendees to plan their week better based on the innovations and updates that will be announced during the second keynote today, good move.

Up next Mr. Kirill Tatanirov and it is introduce with a video of RedBull racing as teh newest innovation partner.

Very nice to hear Kiril thanking the CTP community for all the extra amount of work we put in for this great company.

The message is about how digital transformation is helpin organization to advance and move faster and be more agile and how the cloud is an enabler as part of this digital transformation.

The cloud is also empowering other things like mobile working and Internet of Things.

Artificial Intelligence is another areas where companies are focusing to provide better products and services for their customers but what drives AI, data. Data Analytics is becoming a very important part of every organization today

Companies that want to be in the front end of transformation are teh Digital Frontier companies. These companies are define by the four topics below.

But there is very present issue for all of us and that issue is the Cyber Attacks that we see and hear every day. Because of that Cyber Security is becoming a very importan part of every organization. There is a projection that companies will spend $1 trillion during by 2021

So how can Citrix help with all this security threats we have to battle. The Citrix Secure Digital Workspace is software defined perimeter solution to protect organizations.

What are the components for the Secure Digital Works and teh software-defined perimeter? Take a look a the image below

Citrix is making their first announcement of the keynote is Citrix Workspace Service. A way to consolidate all type of applications and resources in a single interface that works across devices and locations.

Second announcement is Citrix Analytics Service, according to Kirill this is the biggest announcement of the event and it matches Citrix messaging about the company becoming a security enabler provider

‪As Citrix continues to become a security oriented company. They are announcing the creating of the Security Practice to help customer navigate this difficult waters that we are all in.

Kirill is recaping the relationship between Microsoft and Citrix and what they have delivery within the last 12 months. He mentioned that everything that has been announced has been delivered. Great execution. Later this afternoon we will learn about how Citrix and Microsoft will be delivering Secure Browser, this is the third announcement of the keynote.

Citrix is now talking about the integration with Google and how we can now delivery Skype for Business on Chromebooks and more integration with Google Apps

The Citrix Ready HCI program is expanding. Back in January HPE was announced as the first partner, today Nutanix and Cisco are added to the list. I’m personally happy to see Nutanix here.

With a message of collaboration between Citrix, Partners, customers and prospect customers Kirill finishes this first keynote. Please stop by this afternoon here to read about the technology keynote. Thank you for reading

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